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I am an active distributor who since 1981, has sold more than $24 Million worth of Promotional Products at a 43% profit rate.
Because of that success, this site was designed to help distributors sell more orders and I would love to help you be more successful, too!

The site is provided free to you by caring suppliers and includes a varied collection of selling tips, articles, videos on how to sell products and countless other selling materials.

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Learn how to Sell 100K Monthly! Topics include: Making High Margins, Eliminating Price Based Selling, Designing Killer Direct Mail Programs, Closi...

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In this Fast-Paced Private Coaching Session, Don will show you how to move your business to the next level. He will teach you 10 proven down-to-earth...

How to Sell Promotional Products – Book

Let this book, authored by Don and Susan Sanders, help you overcome the fear of opening a prospect's door. Its common sense tips and scripts will work...